CNC Water Jet Cutting

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Why Choose Water Jet Cutting?


High Precision: Achieve intricate and complex shapes with a cutting tolerance of up to ±0.1mm. Water jet cutting technology ensures each cut is precise and clean, meeting the highest standards of quality.


Cold Cutting Process: Preserve the integrity of your materials through a cold cutting process. Unlike traditional cutting methods, water jet cutting does not produce heat, preventing thermal distortion and maintaining the material's properties.


Versatility: From metals like titanium and aluminium to non-metals such as glass, stone, and composites, our water jet cutting services are suitable for a diverse array of materials. We handle thicknesses up to several inches, catering to various industrial and artistic applications.


Cost-Effective: Save on material costs and reduce waste with our precise cutting capabilities. Our efficient process minimizes material loss, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.


Our Services Include:


- Custom Cutting: Tailored solutions to meet your specific design and manufacturing needs.

- Prototype Development: Rapid prototyping to bring your concepts to life with speed and accuracy.

- Large-Scale Production: Efficient handling of bulk orders while maintaining consistent quality.

- Specialty Projects: Expertise in complex and unique projects, providing innovative solutions for any challenge.


Industries We Serve:

- Automotive

- Aerospace

- Marine

- Architecture

- Art and Design

- Construction

- And more!


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