Titanium Slip Joint - 80.5mm / 3-3/16" - 1mm wt

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Performance Tube Products™ - 80.5mm / 3-3/16" x 1mm wt - Titanium slip joint set. Produced from our laser welded GR1 titanium tube. Our titanium slip joints are the perfect solution for a lightweight coupling joint that allows for heat expansions and vibration absorption. These joints can be used with a stainless Mikalor clamp or our retaining spring and tab kits. Compatible with all Performance tube products 80.5mm / 3-3/16" tube & bends.

Automotive, Aerospace & Marine


Material: Grade 1 Titanium

Tube Diameter: 80.5mm / 3-3/16"OD

Wall Thickness: 1mm

Weight: 67g