2"/50.8mm Reducer"> 2"/50.8mm Reducer">
2"/50.8mm Reducer">

Titanium Reducer - 2.5"/63mm > 2"/50.8mm Reducer

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Performance Tube Products™ - (2.5") 63.5mm > (2") 50.8mm titanium reducer. Our titanium reducers are CNC rolled from our grade 2 titanium sheet and laser seam welded to ensure a perfectly formed reducer that fits up to our tube stock with no additional work required. Compatible with all Performance tube products 2.5"/63.5mm - 2"/50.8mm tube & bends.

Automotive, Aerospace & Marine


Material: Grade 2 Titanium

Dimensions: (2.5") 63.5mm > (2") 50.8mm

Wall Thickness: 1mm


Weight: 25g