Titanium Oval Silencers

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Performance Tube Products™ - Titanium oval silencer Kit. Produced in GR2 titanium, CNC rolled and seam welded. Available in a range of profiles and lengths. We are able to produce any length silencer up to a maximum of 750mm long (contact us for more details). Supplied with acousta-fil zt1 silencer wadding, ZT1 is lighter than traditional wadding, with a temperature resistance up to 850°C it is the best performing silencer wadding on the market. Silencers are made to order, please allow 5 working days production time. Silencers are supplied as a kit. Compatible with all Performance tube products titanium tube & bends 

Supplied parts - 

- Silencer Skin

- Silencer end plates

- Perforated Tube 

- ZT1 Wadding/Fill 

Automotive, Aerospace & Marine


Material: Grade 2 Titanium

Wall Thickness: 1.2mm

Profile: Oval 

Available Profiles: 8.5" x 6.5" 

Lengths: 275mm - 400mm