Titanium Starter / Sample Pack

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Performance Tube Products™ - Titanium starter/sample pack. This is an excellent way to get dialed into welding titanium. Included in the kit is a pack of our premium lightweight pie cuts, a short section of our GR1 titanium tube and a hand full of our titanium filler rod. A great way to get lots of seat time on this exotic material. 

Welding Tips:

  • Remember to keep your material and filler rod clean with acetone.
  • Run a large gas cup - we recommend the BBW Furick cup or equivalent.
  • 25CFM+ on your gas flow, keeping the weld covered is essential.
  • Adjust your post flow for a minimum 10 second post flow. 
  • Back purging is essential. 
  • Reference a titanium weld color chart to fine tune your heat input and travel speed.